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Collection Prices

Price Explanation

Is that my final price?

The short answer is no.

Prices can be discussed and altered based on the needs of you and your other half. For example, a couple having a quick wedding at an Elks club with a small group isn't going to be the same as someone getting married at the Danvers Port Yacht club with 350 guests. Different weddings require different resources. Examples, two photographers, more lighting equipment for bigger rooms, more details to pay attention to. 

Every wedding I do comes with a FREE engagement session. 


Do we use drones?


Of course we do but, when?

We will use drones when all of these points are met

  • We have the time
  • FAA rules allow
  • Weather is ok to do so
  • The Venue allows us
  • Location is ok


What does it cost you?

Nothing! We do not charge extra for drone work. Its simply an, if we can make it work type thing!


Do you get to fly it?

If you break it, you buy it! Go right ahead!

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