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About Me


What do I do?

I am a commercial wedding photographer, along with anything else that comes my way. I have been known to do everything from shooting small business commercials, to weddings. Senior portraits, head shots, marketing photos, tinder profile pictures, whatever you are feeling. 

For services beyond weddings or engagements, please see my other web page. 

Why choose me?

This is where I pretend to tell you that I am an amazing photographer and that I am the best damn photographer in New England. The truth is, there are so many talented photographers out there all with different styles and techniques. Choosing the right person that best fits your expectations is a difficult choice.

If you read some of my reviews, you will see that people say I am easy to work with. I pride myself on making cameras not awkward, and helping my clients enjoy the experience by bringing fun into the world of photography. I have found that most of my success has come from the ability to work with people. Making a person, couple, family, or a gaggle of geese comfortable with what we are doing is absolutely one of my strong points. Whether it's making them laugh, cry, or take a shot of Jameson, we will get the job done and have fun with it together. 

I promise to do my part in making it fun and relaxing for you. Unless we need to hike a mountain for a picture, then its not as relaxing but still rewarding. 

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